The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies is a kickass group of women who throw kickass beer festivals and events for women so we can drink kickass beer together. It is awesome and I have met some wonderful people through attending their events. It is how I started working in the craft beer industry.

There is no higher honour than being profiled for #WomenInBeerWednesday. Enjoy.

A fellow beer drinking lady whom I met volunbeering for the SOBDL’s first beer fest actually took this photo. While drinking lambic. In Belgium. That’s true friendship right there.

We’re back with #womeninbeerwednesday!! 🍻♀️ Today we’re featuring Evelyn Shaller-Auslander, part of the team at @halobrewery. Check out her Q&A and follow her adventures on Instagram and Twitter @evelynrockon.

🍺Q1: What was your 1st beer?
“I grew up in Toronto, and have seen the beer scene change a lot in the last ten years. I drank a lot of Canadian in university because it was cheap and the drink of choice at bars and parties.”

🍺Q2: What is your favourite style of beer?
“I tried my first sour beer about five years ago and thought it was weird. Since then, it has become my favourite. I’m partial to lambic and dry-hopped sours like @bellwoodsbeer Jelly King, but I pretty much like good beer, regardless of style.”

🍺Q3: What was your 1st craft beer?
“I tried @stambroisebiere Oatmeal Stout, which was on nitro at venues around the city like the Tranzac and Cameron House, and instantly fell in love with craft beer.”

🍺Q4: What is your fave non-Ontario brewery?
“There is no one favourite. I love travelling for beer and exploring different regional styles. I recently went to Chicago for the first time and checked out @offcolorbrewing’s new Mousetrap taproom. They make really fun and creative beers that aren’t IPAs. One of my favourite’s is a Miller High Life collab called Eeek! that is fermented with wild yeasts and lactobacillus and is bottle conditioned with champagne yeast.”

🍺Q5: What is your fave part of working at Halo?
“I’ve been working at Halo’s taproom since it opened in May 2016. My favourite part about my job is introducing people to new kinds of beer, and seeing how the community supports one another. The Wallace Emerson area is full of friendly folk who share great stories, enjoy supporting their local and are craft beer converts. It’s pretty awesome.”

(Full disclosure: this is from November 22nd. Also posted on my Medium site.)