Photo by Alison Page

I asked Brent Mills, the brewmaster and co-founder of Four Winds Brewing, how their award-winning dry-hopped sour came about. The story is an interesting one:

Well this beer had some test batches behind it we were ultimately unconfident in the procedure to actually schedule a production scale batch. We tasted a few similar beers from our friends from the south and were quite impressed with the idea of neutralized Lacto. So one day we were brewing our regular saison and just as we had the kettle full, our boiler went down. It was a Friday and the repair man wasn’t able to come til Monday. So we decided rather than dumping the batch, we try and make that kettle sour beer we were to afraid to brew!

The process worked and the beer was tasty! 

We wanted to use the Troi yeast as we have had experience with it in the past and were big fans of the tropical notes that it produced and thought they would pair well with galaxy hops!

I believe the style became popular that year as the progression of sour beer demand came. Brewers were trying to make sour beers faster and this technique ultimately came up.

Awesome. A happy accident indeed. Thanks Brent!