This past weekend, I attended my third Cask Days, the all-cask (*ahem*, mostly-cask) beer festival the Morana family started 11 years ago. It was awesome. Not only did I get to try some word-class brews like Four Winds Nectarous, the dry-hopped sour which won Beer of the Year at the 2016 Canadian Brewing Awards, but I got to cheers a bunch of my friends with said beer. Because we went for the first session on Friday. And had first pick of everythang. Also, Halo, that brewery I work for who won Best Newcomer at this year’s Golden Tap Awards, had two of their delicious offerings on cask: Event Horizon and Elder God.


Cask Days keeps getting better and better, with this year implementing a sophisticated line/registration setup and an entirely sheltered Brick Works, which came in handy for the rainy sessions. Oh yeah. Keep6 also tapped a bunch of Cascade kegs, and Birreria still has a bunch of awesome stuff from BC, California and Oregon on tap. My faves are currently Pomona and Oak Aged Bretta.


The event known as “Beer Christmas” might not be Canada’s only hope for an insanely good beer festival… I hear we’re in for a carbonated beer fest next year. Ho ho ho.

Oh yeah. Volo’s about to have a lot more Cascade, Crooked Stave, Logsdon, [insert amazing brewery here], etc. on tap, and is introducing natural wine this winter, as I predicted in September. Fuck. Here’s to me making more money next year.