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Burdock's Orange Wine & Saison

I am a huge fan of Southbrook’s Orange Wine. So when I heard that Burdock aged a saison in Southbrook barrels and was releasing the beer in a special tasting alongside reserve bottles of their 2014 Orange Wine, you best believe I was there. I had tasted the 2015, available by the glass at Burdock, earlier in the month, and found it delicious but smoky rather than funky. The 2014 had the sour feature I was looking for, and was a bit more delicate. 

I wasn’t expecting much from the beer to be honest, since I haven’t been blown away by anything from Burdock yet, save for their Cranberry Berliner, which tastes like its name. Here’s the thing: when I taste a beer called Orange Wine Saison, I expect to taste the orange wine. Though the sour barrelly qualities aren’t super pronounced, it does happen to be the best beer I’ve had from Burdock. It’s full flavoured, fruity and slightly sour, and reminds me of Jolly Pumpkin’s Calabaza Blanca.

If you’ve read this blog back a couple years, you know that beer aged in wine (and cider) barrels is one of my favourite things. This is why Toronto’s current obsession with vinales (as Crystal Luxmore calls vinous beers) has me really excited. Look for Bumo, Burdock’s next saison collaboration with Pearl Morissette rosé, as the next in their series.