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In honour of Bellwoods releasing a limited edition run of 4,800 Barn Owl 3 bottles this weekend, I decided to taste it next to my aged Barn Owl 1 bottle. These two beers are slightly sour, fruity and complex, and complemented each other perfectly. (Note: Full tasting notes on my Instagram. Buy at least a few Barn Owl 3 before it sells out, and open one every three months to see how it develops.)

Barn Owls

Barn Owl 1: A Sour Brett Ale, Barrel Aged 12-18 months (as of May 2015) with Ginger, Apricot and Cranberry.

Barn Owl 3: A Mixed Fermentation Farmhouse Ale with Ontario Peaches.

Their bright colours impressively match the label colours. What a perfect treat of a tasting. I wish I had ten more of each.