Rodenbach Vintage 2013

Rodenbach is a brewery founded in 1821 in Roeselare, Belgium. It specializes in barrel-aged sour Flemish Reds, with three distinct types: Original, Grand Cru and Vintage, differing in blends and age. All absolutely delicious, berry balsamic tart perfection. Rodenbach Vintage is the definition of classic revisited: a world-class Flanders Red that is aged in a single wooden vat (or foeder), and is released once every year. If you live in Toronto, you will probably only revisit it once a month, since you will need to stock up on your entire year’s supply at Christmas time, the only time it is available at the LCBO. Otherwise, Grand Cru is usually on tap at Bar Hop and a select few other places. Tweet me if you want to know where else to find it @ccprmaven.

Photo from my Instagram.