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Last August at Volo’s Dieu du Ciel tap takeover, Ralph Morana and Stéphane Ostiguy told me they were looking into spaces to open a brewpub here in Toronto. I was so giddy at the prospect and wanted to write about it, but Ralph asked me not to because nothing was finalized. Good thing, because they ended up going in different directions and opening up two different spaces: Ralph is opening up a small bar that will focus on my fave beer of all time, sours, in Little Italy, and Stéphane & Luc of DDC are opening up a large brewpub in the opposite end of the city. In other words, they answered my prayers and did something better and truly awesome.

It is with this announcement that I have decided my New Year’s resolutions:

  1. Make more money to spend at these shmancy places
  2. Move to the East End, if only for the beer.

Good day.