If there’s one thing the beer community loves as much as drinking beer, it’s taking photos of beer and sharing them online. I’ve been following many epic Beerstagrammers for some time. Most of them are American; they tempt me with their endless selection of phenomenal beers they get in the states. I’ll be sharing one of my faves every month here.



“I CAN’T ESCAPE THE LAMBICS!” by mbeach717

Mr. Miami Beach lives… you guessed where. He uses his advanced photography skills to feature himself in some epic edited shots (like the one above where he has three arms), and slows the shutter speed on his camera to create some trippy shots with colourful lights. He’s also known to feature his cat, and himself in the bathtub with pizza every once in a while. His posts feature the best beer in the world (which includes many lambics). Cheers, mbeach717. You rock.