Budweiser got some major attention this Super Bowl Sunday thanks to their infamous ads, and I’m not talking about the horses. People can’t seem to stop talking about Budweiser’s cute puppies and anti-craft sentiment. Yet if you look at their Twitter page, there’s no sign of controversy:

Bud supportersContrast this with the hundreds (soon to be thousands) of craft beer supporters calling out Budweiser on their bullshit.


In the ad, Budweiser makes fun of “Pumpkin Peach Ale,” which happens to be a beer Elysian makes, one of the craft breweries Budweiser’s AB InBev recently acquired.

It seems to me that Budweiser is taking a page out of the Unilever hypocrisy book, the company who makes men want to buy Axe to seem irresistible to modelesque women, and then tries to empower women to love their aging bodies through Dove ads. The Budweiser ad does seem aggressively defensive though, in a way that speaks volumes above any pro-Bud marketing: AB InBev is worried about what craft beer’s popularity means for their mass-produced tasteless beer. That’s why they’re buying craft breweries and investing in craft-themed marketing. Their latest ad might be more hurtful than helpful though: it’s divisive for both the craft community and their own company.

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