espresso stout

  • The LCBO is carrying Japanese beer for a limited time, so pick up a Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout while you can. If the cute owl on the bottle and bottle cap alone doesn’t sway you, the 99 on ratebeer should.
  • For a spicy festive treat, bring Great Lakes Winter Ale to your holiday dinner. If you don’t like seasonal spiced ales, pick up a bottle of what Great Lakes does best: fruity and dank IPAs. Lake Effect fits the bill nicely.
  • There is so much Belgian goodness at the LCBO, and the big boozy St. Bernardus Christmas Ale should definitely be up there on your wish list.
  • Spearhead has released a Belgian Stout. I would recommend anything from this brewery, and you know how much I adore Belgian beer and stout. This is a must.
  • The champagne of beers, saison, is still around in wonderful barrel aged options! Pick up Session’s gift pack of their saison aged in chardonnay barrels and cabernet barrels for a delicious comparison. I’m bringing this to a holiday dinner for my wine-loving aunt. Hopefully this sways her. (The Amsterdam Brewery equivalent of this holiday set would be their Reserve Saison and Sour Cherry Imperial Stout, two of my all-time favourites.)
  • Speaking of gift packs… Unibroue’s Sommelier Pack. Buy it.