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Mort Subite

Mort Subite – referring to the “sudden death” round in a card game, or the Mort Subite café in Brussels – is a perfect introductory sour beer. Lightly sour and fruity, it’s a refreshing kriek, and most importantly for us Ontarians, it’s the most widely available lambic sold at the LCBO (and in keg form at The Beer Store)! The kriek is brewed with cherries and elderberries, and there is a raspberry version available in the LCBO as well. There are apparently many more varieties available in Belgium, but alas, I have not tried them.

Mort Subite is made by the Belgian brewery De Keersmaeker, which has been partly owned by Alken-Maes since 1989 (owned by Heineken since 2007). One can imagine the beer has been around for quite a while then.

Belgian sours undergo spontaneous fermentation due to naturally occurring yeasts in Brussels air. Pretty darn cool. Cantillon is one of the most well-known sours, and one of the hardest to obtain in Ontario, because the way it is made does not mesh with the LCBO’s rules. Bar Volo has the best selection of Cantillon bottles in the city. La Palette sometimes has Mort Subite on tap, though. Visit both.

I’m pairing Sour Girl with this sour beer. You’re welcome.