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Last week I asked if anyone had any ancient beer recipes, and I answered my own question when I stumbled upon a Google talk with Dogfish Head Brewery founder (and one of my personal business heroes) Sam Calagione.

Calagione is one of the world’s most creative brewers, and, as a huge music lover, has collaborated on beers with the likes of Miles Davis, Dan The Automator, and The Grateful Dead. He travels extensively to recreate ancient beers, such as the award-winning Midas Touch and Chateau Jiahu. Read about all of Dogfish Heads’s ancient ales here.

In this Authors@Google presentation from 2009, Calagione talks about Dogfish Head’s history, earned media, creative craft brewing and caloric beers.

Start at around 19:58 to hear about the rise of ancient ales.

Unfortunately, because I live in Toronto, I’ve never had the pleasure of drinking a Dogfish Head beer… This must be remedied. (You’ll know when I do.)