• Great Lakes Saison DuPump is a pumpkin spiced saison (everybody likes saisons!). This one is subtly spiced and not sweet, like some pumpkin beers. Light and refreshing. Also good with food. Scoop it up before it sells out!
  • If you want a more traditional pumpkin ale, I suggest the vanilla and nutmeg-heavy St. Ambroise Citrouille, or Samuel Adams Fat Jack, an 8.6% imperial pumpkin ale.
  • Beau’s Night Märzen Oktoberfest is a good easy drinking fall beer that everyone can enjoy.
  • Muskoka Harvest Ale is a 7% seasonal with bite. Malty with a nice bite of grassy hops, it comes caged with a cork and oozes specialness. Fall specialness. Bring this to Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Anything Mikkeller. This is a renowned brewery from Denmark, and the LCBO is carrying six of their offerings for a limited time. Black, k:rlek, Green Gold, Monk’s Brew and Texas Ranger all have high ABVs and strong flavour profiles. The label designs are always among my favourites. One to save for the shelf (especially the k:rlek)!
  • Anything seasonal hop, single hop, wet hop. Hops all ’round.