Canuck, formerly known as Crazy Canuck, has been around for over four years (but based on the old can design I had assumed it was around for much longer). It’s a great example of a beer that completely profited from rebranding. Now that the can is prettier, people notice it more, and you can get it on draft at several beer bars in and around the city. It’s a west coast (i.e. American) style beer, and the taste is bright and very hoppy; the flagship Great Lakes flavour. Great Lakes reps have told me that it is “fresher” now. Probably because they’re making more of it.

I’ve even heard people speculate that the recipe is different. When I asked GLB rep Jen Shute if this is the case, again, the answer is simple: “same old Canuck, just fresher.”

Since pale ales are meant to be consumed when they’re freshest, I suggest you buy one and drink it immediately. Listen to this song while you’re at it. Cheers to you, Gordie Levesque.