California beer. Some of the best beer in the world, and one of the reasons I want to move south of the border. San Francisco’s flagship beer, Anchor Steam, is a balanced, hop-forward biscuity 4.8% ale that comes in cute stubby bottles with a classic anchor design.

Anchor Steam

Last year, I watched a documentary on YouTube called “Craft Beer – A Hopumentary” and within the first two minutes they talk about Anchor Steam Beer revolutionizing America’s beer scene in the ’80s. There were around 100 breweries in the U.S. at that time, and now there are close to 3,000. That’s a 100 per cent increase in breweries every two years!

It’s called a steam beer because it was traditionally brewed in 1896 without refrigeration — the brewers used the cool California air to release steam off the boil. Though it’s no longer brewed that way thanks to modern brewing methods, it still tips its hat to its heritage. I suggest you enjoy a cold one while listening to the classic California band: The Beach Boys.

Sail on, Anchor Steam!