A couple weeks ago, I asked people to share songs with me that featured brand name beers. I couldn’t think of any! Thanks to my friend Ben, a handful of people sent in suggestions, which I am going to be featuring here every other Thursday for Music + Beer (a natural combination).

The other day I was going through my music collection, and I realized I do know a song that features a brand name beer…. and it’s Bud. Joe Jackson’s Heaven and Hell is an awesome concept album that, like microbrews, my dad introduced to me. Every song embodies a cardinal sin, and this one is Sloth:

Give me a Bud and a slice, and leave me alone.
If I want your advice, I’ll ask it.
They tell me caviar’s nice, but I wouldn’t know.
So, what’s it to you? Who needs your airs and your microbrew?

Enjoy the song, and share more with me at @ccprmaven!