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The Sacred Oak

Kentucky Sour at The Sacred Oak

This week my dreams are coming true: there are unique barrel aged beers all over Toronto and it’s beautiful!! Here’s a recap of The Sacred Oak, plus a couple other exciting events:

1. The Sacred Oak: A Night of Barrel Aged Beer (Sat. Sept. 13 at Indie Alehouse’s barrel aging facility, 165 Geary Ave.): My first beer was Kentucky Sour, a 6.7% bourbon barrel aged sour from Nickel Brook. Funny enough, I had tried this at Bar Hop earlier this year, but this time the bourbon characteristic came through much more (probably due to aging). It was perfect. Then I tried Iain McOustra’s Superstition and everything changed. This is a perfect beer because so many complex notes come through from the barrel. It’s advertised as a 6.5% barrel aged farmhouse. When I tried it, I got a juicy bright fruity IPA aged with peaches and maybe chardonnay barrels. Then I spoke with Iain, and there are no peaches in this beer. I’m blown away. Can’t wait to drink it again at A Night With Great Lakes & Amsterdam…

2. A Night With Great Lakes & Amsterdam (Fri. Sept. 19 at Bar Hop): I already wrote about this here but I am super duper psyched and you’ll be hearing all about it once (or twice) again. Be at Bar Hop this Friday at 5 p.m. Do it. It may change your life.

3. Cantillon Zwanze Day/Funk Night (Sat. Sept. 20 at bar Volo): According to a group of gentlemen I chatted with at The Sacred Oak, this year’s Zwanze Day sold out in 45 seconds. In case you don’t know, Belgian brewery Cantillon makes the mother of all sours, and Volo’s getting kegs and bottles of stuff you normally don’t see much of in Toronto. So this is probably the biggest beer nerd event of all time. Lucky for us plebs, Funk Night happens 7 p.m. onwards, where we will drink whatever is left of that Cantillon, plus sooo many funked out brews until late. I’m seeing Lena Dunham front row centre at JFL42 and then coming here. That’s a perfect night, folks. See you there.

Planning on coming to these events? Send a shout-out my way @ccprmaven and let’s have a beer together!