My dad suggested I start this section because he really likes Devil’s Pale Ale 666 and has been recommending it for years. I’ll take it! Look for Classics Revisited every other Thursday. Thanks, dad.
Sure, I like 666, but it’s not the be all and end all of dark APAs! It does have awesome branding, and an even cooler signature hearse you can often find parked outside Great Lakes Brewery. I don’t see people drinking this very often, which is a shame. It’s a good malty APA with an ABV of 6 per cent, of course. It uses six premium malts, but only four hop varieties. I call for two more to be added! Brewmaster Mike Lackey tells me that when it was first brewed in 2006, “we wanted to do something different than we were doing at the time (three different lagers) and we really went out on a limb with a biggish, maltyish APA.” They changed the recipe significantly a few years ago to match changing hop availability, and might change it again in a few years.
666 @ FNLROM

My friend Krysta finishing off my 666 at the ROM earlier this year!

666 was created on June 6, 2006 (6/6/6) as GLB’s first seasonal ale. It’s still around in tall cans at the LCBO, and has yet to be rebranded! Rock on, 666
Lemmy would drink this beer.  \m/