Calabaza Blanca

  • Calabaza Blanca is a barrel aged white ale featuring that unmistakable Belgian yeast, notes of banana, and sour with a grapefruit finish. Great for those new to sour beers and connoisseurs alike.
  • Les Trois Mousquetaires Gose is the only gose the LCBO currently carries. Slightly salty and sour, really nice. Buy it because it’s different. Mix it with grapefruit radler. Do it.
  • Framboise: both Lindeman’s and Amsterdam. The Lindeman’s is a 2.5% Belgian sporting a nice mix of sour and sweet; not at all overpowering like some sours! Great on its own, better as a cocktail base with ice, mixed with wheat beer or champagne. Amsterdam’s is also brewed with raspberries instead of flavouring, is a beautiful shade of dark raspberry and is well balanced without being sweet.
  • Great Lakes Brewery’s Karma Citra IPA is liquid gold if you dig fresh IPAs. This is what brewmaster Mike Lackey is known for: strong hops nose and taste. Karma Citra is more bright than bitter, and the bottles are always a pleasure to look at and read thanks to 1) illustrator Garnett Gerry and graphic designer Fabian Skidmore 2) Lackey’s philosophical meanderings (i.e. copywriting).
  • Any saison. Beau’s, Black OakNickel Brook and Oast House saisons are all great. Buy them all.